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EV Charging Infrastructure Bootcamp for
Property owners

Take this bootcamp to learn about EV charging for landlords and develop a practical guide to deploy your project. By participating in this webinar you’ll receive industry insights from experts who have taught over 4,000 people and have the opportunity to connect with presenters to have your questions answered.
Understand – Choose – Act
Learn how EV charging works, make hardware decisions, and get implementation support.
Learn from experts in the field
Ask your questions and book 1:1 sessions with the speakers to move your project forward.
Save thousands of dollars
Avoid costly mistakes by learning how to make better EV charging infrastructure decisions.

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Bootcamp Curriculum

Learn the basics about electric vehicles and EV charging. Gain a deeper understanding of EV charging infrastructure (transformers, panels, conduit, EVSE, etc.) and understand the business case for EV charging.
Understand the differences between networked and non-networked charging. Explore various levels of power and different installation examples. Get support to choose the type of equipment that makes best sense for your project.
Learn about the process to install EV charging infrastructure including engineering design, the utility interconnection process, and how to get the right permits for your project. Build a financial model


After helping over 4,000 people learn about electric vehicle, we’ve developed a system to help you make better electric vehicle decisions. For example, did you know that people who buy and install chargers in larger quantities save over 30% in capital costs?
Our team has found that people who understand the fundamental of EV charging can make save thousands of dollars by making better decisions.
Our training is tailored to fit your needs. We encourage you to submit questions before, during and after the webinars.
Yes. After signing up for the Bootcamp, you will receive access to all the presentations, as well as the handouts. You will also be able to book 1:1 consultations with the speakers.

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Capturing client voices

Enjoy the convenience of charging at home without relying on the availability of public chargers. Our new charging stations are safe and easy-to-use and let you hit the road fully charged, every time.
Credible partner
“I’ve been looking for a credible partner to help our members learn about electric vehicle charging. We’re very excited to be partnering with EVRF and their EV Charging Institute.”
Alexandra Alvarado
Director of Marketing and Education
Customized EV training session
Adrian and the EVRF team delivered a customized EV training session that answered all our questions about EVs. Our staff loved their content and engaging speakers. I strongly recommend working with EVRF.”
Spencer Fields
Strategic Lead of Technology and Product Alliances

Bootcamp instructors


Adrian Gomez

VP Marketing at Epic Charging

Chris Verner

COO at Infinity Rack

Dave Hein

CEO at Innervations